A few club members went to Hatfield & McCoy October 12th through the 16th. The group stayed at Marty's Trailhouse in Gilbert, WV. The group rode Ivy Branch on Wednesday, Bearwallow on Thursday, Buffalo Mountain on Friday and Rock House on Saturday. The weather was near perfect with a little rain one night / morning which helped keep the dust down. The double track was a lot of fun and we especially enjoyed the scenic and challenging single track. Many thanks for Paul L. for setting up the t ........


The 12th annual R&T Charity Trail Ride was held 9-10 and 9-11 and was a Huge Success. A nice turnout of 213 riders attended this years event. We also had great support from our club members. The trails were in prime condition!  We received great feedback from participants at the event.  Great seeing so many families and younger riders enjoying the property.  The club dinner was outstanding, and the weather was nice on Saturday but a bit rainy Sunday morning.  Many thanks to all our members ........

  R&T Club Work / Ride Weekend at Dogtown

We want to thank everyone who came out for the work and ride weekend at Dogtown on 8/27 and 8/28. Our members accomplished a good amount of work. Our members continued to prepare each of the trail loops for our upcoming charity ride. We also got a chance to do a good amount of trail riding to burn the trail loops in. A couple of our members also camped out and got to enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise at the property!

  R&T Club MAVT Trials event at Black Ankle

The R&T Club MAVT Trials event was this past Sunday on June 26th in Mt. Airy, Maryland. We had a great group of competitors as well as a large turn out of volunteers to help support the event. The sections provided a nice mix of challenges for all of the competitors. Great day of trials riding as well as some great food! Thank you everyone for helping make this event a success!

  R&T Club Ride at Three Springs

The club's 12th annual Father's Day ride was held on June 18th in Three Springs, PA. We had a great turn out with 13 club members attending the ride. We rode some of the trails at Rocket MX as well as the trails at two other properties. Great weather, great trails and a bunch of great memories!

  R&T Club Ride Day at Barton

Several of our club members came out for the club ride day at Barton on 5/28/2022. Trails were in great condition. One loop is about 10 miles and most riders did around 3 loops. Another great day of riding at Barton!

  R&T Club Work / Ride at Monty's

The club returned to Monty's on April 9th for an awesome work and ride day. About 15 R&T members attended, the group was able to get the trails cut back and install a bridge on the main loop. Joe Winovich prepared a great Chili lunch to help warm everyone up in the cold and rainy weather

Several of our club members attended the Wolf Den Run ride day on 4/2/22.  The riders from our club as well as some additional riders (some on side by sides, four wheelers as well as dirt bikes) helped the MDOHVA with filming to promote Maryland's only OHV friendly state park!  One of the other perks we received for helping with the filming was that several of us were treated to some scenic views from one of the new trails set to open soon.  All of us had a great day of riding the trails a ........

  R&T Club Work / Ride Day at Barton

We had a great club turn out for the work and ride day at Barton on 3/26/22. We cut in a new section of trail and cleared the existing trails. Once we finished the trail maintenance, we enjoyed the incredible trails at Barton. Everything from sweet flowing single track to challenging hill climbs. Weather varied from sunny and comfortable to snow with limited visibility. Everyone had a great time and we look forward to getting back out to Barton soon!

  R&T Adopt-a-Road work day

We had a great turn out for the Adopt-a-Road work day on 3/19/22.  We had 23 club members participate.  We collected about 17 bags of trash. It was great catching up with fellow club members.  Thank you again for everyone who came out to support the clean up effort.

  R&T at the Greenbrier Enduro

Several club members participated in the Greenbrier Enduro on March 13th 2022 in Port Elizabeth, New Jersey. Cold temperatures, high winds, rain and snow preceded the event. Race day was sunny with milder temperatures. Everyone had a great time. Club members finished the day with some fine dining at the Elmer Diner Restaurant in Elmer, New Jersey.

  R&T Club Work / Ride Day at Black Ankle

We had around 8 club members support the work and ride day at Black Ankle on 3/6/22. The team cleared an awesome new section for the trials event in June! Everyone also got a chance to enjoy the sweet moto track as well as the woods track. The weather was near perfect and everyone had a great time!

  R&T Club Work / Ride Day at Dogtown

We want to thank everyone who came out for the work and ride day at Dogtown on 3/5/22. Our members helped set posts for the new fence as well as worked on clearing the riding trails. The new fence will keep the cows out of the big parking area we use for the charity ride. We had over 15 club members show up to help. Also wanted to thank Chris B. for feeding us all lunch!

  R&T Club Ride at Middletown

The club returned to the Middletown Track and Trail February 26th. Weather conditions were slightly chilly initially but weather was perfect once it warmed up a bit. First few laps were a little slick with some branches down but after a few laps and some very light trail maintenance everyone was having a great time. We spend a good amount of the time enjoying the various technical hill climbs at the property!

  R&T at the Rooster Run Dual Sport ride

The club had 4 members attend this year's Broxton Bridge Rooster Run Dual Sport ride in Ehrhardt, South Carolina. The event is a two-day ride but with snow and cold temperatures forecasted for mid-day Sunday back home, most riders did stay to do the Sunday ride. The weather and trail conditions were superb for the Saturday ride. We did around 110 miles on Saturday. Everyone had a great time and several of us are planning to make the ride next year.

  2021 Christmas Party

The club Christmas Party was a huge success this year with a record turnout of over 90 guests. The Morningside Inn was outstanding, and the gift exchange was a hoot. Several club members were honored for their service in 2021, and our new club officers for 2022 were introduced. This year's event was one to remember.

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  Cookies for the Troops 2020

The 7th annual R&T Club Cookies for the Troops was held December 19th at the BWI Airport USO station. The club presented $800 of Girl Scout Cookies for the Troops passing through BWI for the holidays. Many thanks to Mike Courbron for making the arrangements.

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R&T Club Mailing Address

R&T Club
PO Box 3394
Frederick, Md. 21705

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